TV LG 37LV5500 reflow

I bought this smart TV (LG 37LV5500) set at 2011. At 2015 the problems started. The problem of the TV was that the main processor overheated and lost the connection.

The problem is easily solved by reflowing but only temporarily. After several failed attempts I finally mastered reflowing.

  • I tried the oven method and the TV worked for a month. I even tried to mimic the thermal profile.
  • I tried the heat gun approach and the TV worked for about 1 week.
  • I tried to reball (needs special hardware) and the owner of the reballing hardware talked me out of it. He suggested to buy a new one from e-bay.
  • I bought a replacement board in e-bay but it didn’t work.
  • I finally bought another LG TV with great reservations.

I also found 12v somewhere in the board and added a small fan in order to avoid extensive overheating. The fan must be very thin in order to fit when you try to close the TV. I found that a 40x40x10 was allowing the case to close properly, with a bit of extra pressure. Probably a 50x50x10 or maybe a 60x60x10 fan could also fit in but I wasn’t able to find these fans so there is room for some experimentation.

Enjoy the pictures. The first one shows how to protect the rest of the board (plastic parts etc) by wrapping the board in tinfoil and baker (anti stack) paper. Also I changed thermal paste and replaced the 4 springs with screws in order to make sure the cooler (black metal plate) is hold really tight to the processor.

Definitely a fail but at least I didn’t give up without a decent fight. At the end the local repair shop offered to buy the TV for 40eur.

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